Sex offenders in your city

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SORNA provides uniform minimum guidelines for registration of sex offenders, regardless of the state they live in. However, they are reluctant to aim for reforms because of political opposition and being viewed as lessening the child safety laws. Practice other forms of safety above all else.

Sex offenders in your city

Jacob's mother, Patty Wetterling , current chair of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children , led a community effort to implement a sex offender registration requirement in Minnesota and, subsequently, nationally. In fact, a number of negative unintended consequences have been empirically identified that may aggravate rather than mitigate offender risk.

Sex offenders in your city

Sex offenders in your city

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  1. Alternatively, some states use multi-tier systems, usually with two or three categories that are supposed to reflect presumed public safety risk and, in turn, required levels of attention from law enforcement and the public.

  2. Really, no matter the specific reason, having this kind of data at your fingertips can be an empowering way to protect your children.

  3. Users are forewarned that it is incumbent upon them to verify information with the responsible state agency or the local law enforcement agency. Persons who use information contained on this website to threaten, intimidate, or harass any individual, including registrants or family members may be subject to criminal prosecution or civil liability under state of federal law.

  4. Reporter Stacey Dooley interviews some officials who are hostile to sex offenders and believe they can never be rehabilitated, such as Florida Senator Lauren Book and Bradford County Sheriff Gordon Smith; the latter posts red signs in front of the residences of sexual predators not all offenders. It is possible that information displayed here does not reflect current residence or other information.

  5. Some states, like Massachusetts and Colorado, utilize multidisciplinary review boards or judicial discretion to establish registrant tiers or sexual predator status.