Sex is about power discuss

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Whoever initiates risks rejection, which often takes the form of a power play: Unlike the more distant relationships with other people, or with other spirits in the case of free ones say before we incarnate , a single human being is itself a "collective" providing a mechanism through which the joint experience is maximized to the point that we effectively experience our body as if it where directly our own experience, even though is not.

Sex is about power discuss

A woman who knows what she wants and goes for it is a powerhouse. How does love figure into my decision making?

Sex is about power discuss

Sex is about power discuss

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  1. The more in touch we are with who we are and with our soulful power, and the more that we learn to be congruent and communicate our needs and desires and emotions in a way they can be received, the less we need to resort to covert power plays in the bedroom.

  2. Beyond the rush of endorphins and feelings of ecstasy, it is also a vehicle for deep connection, for transcendence, for momentary freedom.