Sex in sukkur

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In the brothels of Karachi and Hyderabad where there has been a service delivery programme on ground since , the indicators are much better. The blood sample was taken from the middle finger of the left hand. While no reference is available as to what should be the ideal number of outreach workers, usually one outreach worker cannot cover more than FSWs and an ideal programme should target even less number of FSWs per outreach worker.

Sex in sukkur

Even after scarcity of water Sukkur still has a large fertile and cultivable land. Hyderabad and Sukkur are the second and third largest cities of the province, located and kms respectively north of Karachi.

Sex in sukkur

Sex in sukkur

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  1. In Hyderabad, out of no one was HIV-positive. Nevertheless the transmission potential of HIV through sexual contact cannot be undermined, particularly when condom use among sex workers in Pakistan is of hugely varying degrees.

  2. We calculated means and standard deviation for continuous and proportions for categorical variables. Well organised service delivery programmes can help promoting safer practices.

  3. Local experts suggest that the clientele of sex workers in Pakistan is still a small group of males which has not yet acquired HIV even if some of them may be bisexual.