Sex education is a parents right

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The truth is, like most parenting issues: Many parents — because their own parents struggled to talk to them — can't approach the subject with their children.

Sex education is a parents right

But that's another discussion How you learned about sex is the first question posed by tutors running FPA's Speakeasy course.

Sex education is a parents right

Sex education is a parents right

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  1. For many reasons this often doesn't happen or happens too late. He will be among the panellists for a live discussion on sex and sexuality education , taking place on the SocietyGuardian site from noon to 2pm on Thursday 31 May Topics.

  2. And if it was from your mother or father does the recollection of 'that conversation' elicit some uncomfortable memories of a stuttered and mortified parent desperately trying to explain the facts of life to you?

  3. It helps parents and carers gain the confidence and skills to talk to their children about sex, relationships and sexuality and growing up.

  4. But talking about sex and relationships when you're driving, washing-up walking or shopping can relieve some of the eye-to-eye intensity of the situation.