Safe sex for men in chennai

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He said the prevalence of HIV has decreased across the country because of better intervention by Anti-Retroviral Therapy centres. Kumarasamy, an epidemiologist and chief medical officer for YRG Care.

Safe sex for men in chennai

Over a nine month period the helpline received calls from nearly 40, MSM— Please provide a valid number! In many contexts, the use of mobile phones for solicitation is replacing physical venues such as red light districts and brothels Hubbard, P.

Safe sex for men in chennai

Safe sex for men in chennai

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  1. A scientist there, Dr Suniti Solomon went on to found a leading non-governmental organization?

  2. Study procedures took place in a private room at the NIRT office in Chennai and were conducted in Tamil by a research staff member with training in qualitative methods and group facilitation and the first author BT.

  3. Study visits took place in a private room at the NIRT office in Chennai and were conducted by a trained research staff member and first author BT. It will help arouse the desires in you and make you want to have sex even if you are leading a stressful life.

  4. In the Chennai slums, organizations such as Population Services International PSI not only use street theatre troupes, but also pass out pamphlets explaining condom use and contact numbers of doctors who can treat sexually transmitted infections.