Registered sex offenders near watertown sd

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In the South Dakota State Legislature amended the sex offender registry laws to provide a public access internet site which lists all offenders registered in the State. The statewide sex offender list is managed by the Division of Criminal Investigation, which regularly updates information on the site in the interest in educating the public and helping citizens maintain personal safety for themselves and their loved ones. This listing will assist in preventing the Sex Offenders from acting secretly.

Registered sex offenders near watertown sd

If you believe that any of the information found in these records is in error, or you would like additional information, please contact the sheriff of the county or the chief of police of the city where the sex offender resides. SeekVerify Family protection tools include: Although the state attempts to maintain an accurate registry, it is up to citizens to familiarize themselves with the information that is available on sex offenders.

Registered sex offenders near watertown sd

Registered sex offenders near watertown sd

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  1. The Spearfish Police Department believes that it is extremely important to provide our citizens with public notice and information about a registrant so our community can protect themselves and others. No information regarding the victim's identity is recorded on the Sex Offender Registration.

  2. Any person who uses information contained in or accessed through this website to threaten, intimidate, or harass any individual, including registrants or family members, or who otherwise misuses this information, may be subject to criminal prosecution. South Dakota state law requires that any person who has been convicted of a sex crime or of felony sexual contact, must register with local law enforcement within ten days of moving to a residence.