Picture of people having sex on the beach

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But seriously… you really have to ask? Consider yourself told off.

Picture of people having sex on the beach

Pool sex has the unwholesome side effect of teaching you just how shitty water is as a lubricant while at the same time delighting you with the possibility of forcing water deep into your unmentionable places, leading to infections. Plus you have the added security of being able to see someone coming down the trail before they see you. Every summer, beaches around the country get shut down due to high bacteria levels in the water.

Picture of people having sex on the beach

Picture of people having sex on the beach

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  1. In fact, one of the most uniquely Canadian places to have outdoor sex is in a canoe. Maybe you're watching a movie that you find particularly sexy.

  2. What could be hotter than dipping your naked hide in water infused with chlorine and urine, while a pool noodle bobs obscenely along with your ungainly and hard-to-maintain humping?

  3. It's all kinds of fun. But recent research by some scientists has shown that sand, awesome filter of filth that it is, can collect big, fatty loads of that bacteria with the ebb and flow of tides.