How to describe sex poeticly

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How to describe sex poeticly

The least pressure would suffice to set all paradise loose. She rode him that way, impaling herself, slipping down on him again and again, until they both had come, his orgasm flaring blue in a timeless space, a vastness like the matrix, where the faces were shredded and blown away down hurricane corridors, and her inner thighs were strong and wet against his hips.

How to describe sex poeticly

How to describe sex poeticly

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  1. There are times when the day itself demads a climax, days of which do not end in a climax, when the body is asleep or dreaming other dreams. Jack laughed or wept soundlessly for a while.

  2. The way the orgasms are experienced are described accordingly. But the truth is, while sex is something everyone is exposed to, something we're all hardwired to do, most of us succumb to behaving like year-old's giggling in a schoolyard when it comes to talking about sex.