Facts about nigerian sex slaves

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Priests are already pleading with families of victims to come to their shrines to collect their bundles of intimate items. In Libya, they are held in detention camps, generally for several weeks to months, before they are placed in unseaworthy dinghies or boats on the Mediterranean. Still, Okoduwa is not convinced that trafficking will stop entirely.

Facts about nigerian sex slaves

Many of them yield to the pressure and, though they had started to cooperate with the police, go back to their exploiters. But most of the time economic conditions are not so good and, generally speaking, migrants tend to stay in Libya for a longer time with a consequent increase in costs. By July , 14, Nigerians had already arrived via the Mediterranean in Italy, 4, of which were women.

Facts about nigerian sex slaves

Facts about nigerian sex slaves

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  1. The year-old Nigerian had scraped together nearly 50 euros in tips from a couple of regulars and so one winter afternoon, with her madam absent, she decided to slip out the door.

  2. Wealth was forced to service several men a day, sometimes several at once, she tells TIME in an interview.