3 d sex game stroker

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Interactive Sex Toys Platform: Enjoy this AR porn game as you can connect your VR headset via your Smartphone using Google Cardboard and hook in your Fleshlight Stoker to have a fully immersive virtual sex experience. Download it for free for Windows to play on your PC or get the Android version to hook up with your Smartphone and start playing in VR now!

3 d sex game stroker

This is the future of the live cam experience. The options are pretty standard, choose a girl, pick a scenery and your transported to a room, garden or boathouse. It's like actually being there and being part of the action!

3 d sex game stroker

3 d sex game stroker

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  1. The device may be a little small for the very gifted. The device is not robotic, nor does it vibrate or have any motors.

  2. This is the future of the live cam experience. At this point there is no demo, so if you want to try the game yourself you need to buy the full version.